We had quite the workparty last weekend for WildCraft. 5 brave students drove up from the city and slaved all day in the garden. (2 of these pioneers helped up build our bread oven last summer).

Together, we completed the most massive of weeding challenges….manually turning over the entire garden. In the process, my students filled me in on the art of ‘stick and poke’ tattooing (a supposed painless way to decorate one’s skin…), the latest spring break destinations, and why you can’t walk down the street in Portland without overhearing a conversation about Burning Man. How did I miss all this important info!?

After 7 hours of catching up with the times, dirt-clod shaking & grass-ripping,  we treated ourselves to pizza from the bread-oven.

Incredibly delicious! Too delicious! Too much gluten….

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