Posted on May 5, 2013

Working on a new print….


Posted on April 21, 2013


We had quite the workparty last weekend for WildCraft. 5 brave students drove up from the city and slaved all day in the garden. (2 of these pioneers helped up build our bread oven last summer).

Together, we completed the most massive of weeding challenges….manually turning over the entire garden. In the process, my students filled me in on the art of ‘stick and poke’ tattooing (a supposed painless way to decorate one’s skin…), the latest spring break destinations, and why you can’t walk down the street in Portland without overhearing a conversation about Burning Man. How did I miss all this important info!?

After 7 hours of catching up with the times, dirt-clod shaking & grass-ripping,  we treated ourselves to pizza from the bread-oven.

Incredibly delicious! Too delicious! Too much gluten….

wp 2 wp 1 breadoven1 breadoven5 pizza 1


This post is also up on the WildCraft blog

In the Works….

Posted on April 19, 2013

WC poster web

When I decided to end plainMADE, I promised myself “no new businesses for 6 months!”. Dreamy visions of a summer filled with drawing, leisurely lunches, a garden that grew flowers instead of runner grasses…..

As usual, reality won and my Big Project addiction has taken hold once again. This summer, my studio and garden will welcome guests and students for a few months of classes and events.

WildCraft Studio School is offering  a handfull of classes on textile design, screenprinting, plant dyes, herbal medicine and observational drawing (to list a few). Most of these classes are weekend workshops so all you city folks can escape work, and abandon your families to come learn an amazing new art/craft process!

Read more about our classes here:

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Posted on April 5, 2013

Here’s a quick glimpse at a photoshoot I did a few weeks ago for the re-branding of Paperwings Jewelry (new website coming soon). As much as I love the full sun, a typical overcast day in the Pacific Northwest lends itself to deep, rich color in a limited palette of grays and greens. More photo work can be found here and here.

sparklers1 tassle earring black branch bones mixed1 threadthru silver redbranch bigcircle necklace sticks necklace gold hanging

Zoe Bullock was our lovely model for this shoot. This former student is one of my favorite troublemakers,  who has moved on from Basic Drawing to  BIG IDEAS and experimental video at PNCA.